Knowing the coffee grinder and the beans

Besides the grinder and the beans, you’re also going to have to know how you’re going to brew your ground coffee.  As we said before, different brewing methods call for different grinds, so it all depends.

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Three Basic Rules For Good Grinding

  1. Theoretically, if you can remember these three simple rules, you should be good shape starting out.  But in practice, are these rules easier said than done? For freshness, always grind your coffee right before you brew
  2. Decide on your grind size and adjust your machine accordingly
  3. Keep your grinder clean before and after uses

That is, there are two types of coffee grinder: burr grinders and blade grinders.

brewed coffee

If you’ve never ground up a bean in your life, this is pretty significant information in your coffee journey.

If you already have your grinder plugged in and ready to go, that means you’ve already made this choice, because you will either have one type of grinder or the other sitting before you. Before we get into the specifics of grinding the beans, we want to talk about each of these types of grinders for a minute.

If you feel like skipping this next section and going straight to the section below on grind size, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Just keep in mind, that each type of grinder grinds differently, so the more you know about each kind of grinder, the better off your coffee will be.  Knowledge is power!

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Blade grinders are usually the more inexpensive of the two types of grind, often running you $30 or less. These grinders use blades that resemble helicopter blades and literally chop at the coffee beans until they’re ground up.  Generally speaking, you control the resultant grind size as the blade spins, and you control its speed manually. Blade grinders are good for basic use.

Burr grinders effectively crush or mash your fresh whole coffee beans between two pieces of metal or ceramic surfaces called burrs, rather than the old hack and slice method of blade grinders. (Related: Invest in the best burr grinder)

Burr grinders are, in most cases, far more effective than blade grinders, which is why we try to suggest burr grinders if at all possible, although this can be a bit of a budgetary concern as the difference in price between a burr grinder and a blade grinder can be quite stark. by Amazon Customer

Interesting recipes you can try:

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Purchased the Rachael Ray cookware for a really good price


AWESOME! Got them in today. I made a gumbo and some rice in the pots – if you guys know anything about making gumbo then you know you have to make a rue for it – well did the rue stick? NO! The clean up on these pots are a snap! The gumbo slid right out into a bowl, I looked inside hoping it did not stick – and it did NOT. The rice came right out and that pot cleaned up easy as well.

I purchased these pans for a really good price even though I didn’t need them at the time. I am more then thrilled that I spent the extra money, this pan set is everything. I especially love the 3 quart saute pan. It’s the perfect size to brown meat or boil pasta. You can you it for literally everything. The non stick makes them super easy to clean up. I am very impressed with the quality of this pan set. I would definitely recommend  Rachael Ray cookware to anyone.

I’m so glad I decided on this cookware set! I got the green and it’s beautiful! It’s not dark and drab nor is the green overly bright – the color is just right. (Related article: Which cookware should you go for)

The large pot is larger than I thought – bonus points.

The handles do NOT get hot on the
pot, pans nor on the lids. I could actually pick up the pot lid off from boiling hot liquid without using a pot holder – same with touching the handle.

OH and the shape of these are to die for wonderful! The pots are tall (not short and wide like others I had in the past). They are tall so when you stir your pot it’s not sloshing out the water, juices or what have ya!

Just remember with these pots and pans – do not put in a dishwasher – you don’t need it anyway because they handwash extremely easily! And be sure to use the right utensils with these pans – I’ve recently purchased some appropriate utensils that work wonderfully with Rachael’s set!

My ONLY complaint is NOT with Rachael Ray’s pots and pan – it’s my gumbo. It is desperately missing something lol! It tastes ok but sure is missing something. Help me with this gumbo Rachael! Ha ;)

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Comparison of a Perfect Cooker and Aroma Rice Cooker


Compare what is it? Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: It is a portable cooker that offers you the advantage of one pot, one touch technology so that you can make pastas, soups, rice and a whole lot more in a matter of minutes.

Aroma Rice Cooker: It is an 8 cup sensor logic rice cooker and food steamer, which helps you make restaurant quality rice, healthy steamed meals and mouthwatering one pot dishes in a matter of minutes.

Compare what does it do? Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: One touch technology is at the heart of this one pot, portable cooker and it makes things a lot easier for you. The built-in thermo-sensor calculates the exact cooking temperature and time for every recipe so that you don’t have to think about programming. When the food is cooked, it automatically goes into keep-warm mode so that you can eat whenever you want to. You can use this cooker to make breakfast, lunch dinner, dessert and a whole lot of items like beef stew, chicken stew, noodles, omelet, brownies, pastas etc.

Aroma Rice Cooker: The highlight of this cooker is its Sensor Logic Technology, which makes the most out of the micro computer to choose the perfect cooking temperatures and add to the flavor and texture of dishes. From making brown and white rice to steaming meats, vegetables and making your favorite one pot dishes; you can do it all with the help of this cooker.

Compare features: Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: One touch technology makes cooking a breeze for you. It has a built-in thermo sensor, which ensures that the cooker chooses the perfect rice cooking time and temperature for you. Hence you will be able to cook your chosen dishes precisely and without any hassle. The auto Keep Warm mode means that food stays warm for you to eat when you choose to. It has a non-stick coated removable pot for your convenience and since it is portable, you can cook wherever you want to. Steaming vent, convenient carry handle, lock tight lid, insulated cool to touch outer case, and even heat distribution plate technology are some of the other features that make cooking convenient and efficient for you.

Aroma Rice Cooker: Firstly, it has a generous capacity to help you make 4 to 20 cups of any variety of rice. However there are specialized functions for white and brown rice. Its high and low slow cook functions can turn it into a 3 quart slow cooker to give you added cooking options. The quick rice function means you can cut down your rice cooking time by half. The 15 hour delay timer makes a lot of sense for families on the go and the Keep Warm function ensures that the food is kept warm after it is cooked. The inner cooking pot and accessories can be removed for easy cleanup.

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Compare benefits: Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: It saves you time and hassle of cooking because One touch technology with built in sensors do the job for you. You will also be saved money on eating out at restaurants. But one of the biggest advantages of this cooker is the fact that it is compact and portable so that you can cook with it on RVs, boats, at sporting events and when you are out tailgating too.

Aroma Rice Cooker: It offers you a quick option of cooking adequate amounts of rice, and works well for all varieties of rice. You can make healthy steam meats and vegetables besides delicious one pot dishes quickly. It has a stainless steel body and a BPA free steam tray, which ensures that it’s long lasting and safe for use. Not only is it easy to clean up but comes with a steam tray, recipe booklet, rice measuring cup, serving spatula and soup ladle for your convenience.

While Perfect Cooker is ideal for cooking when you are on the road, Aroma Rice Cooker has more functions and features for you. It’s also cheaper, which makes it the winner for us. Almost all of the issues of Aroma Rice Cooker are not at all serious and can be addressed with some careful planning. People just like to whine.

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Choose the best kitchen knife for the job

Without question, the knife is the most important tool in the kitchen and choosing the best knife set for the job is an important step toward simplifying your cooking.

The wrong knife choice can cause unnecessary bruising, mess and damage to the food product. Just as you wouldn’t use a rake for a delicate garden transplanting task, you shouldn’t use a bread knife to carve a roast.
Also, in choosing a knife that will give you the best control, you will avoid injuries caused by slipping or unnecessary added pressure.
best kitchen knives
Know Your Knives

Here are the most basic knifes and their recommended functions.


A short knife, with a blade between 2-4 inches. Handy for dozens of small, delicate tasks throughout the day such as peeling garlic, trimming mushrooms, and slicing small fruits like strawberries.


A medium-sized all-purpose knife, with a blade generally 6-8 inches long. Ideal for common kitchen functions such as cutting cheese, chopping fruit and vegetables, and slicing fish.


A larger all-purpose knife, with a 8-14 inch blade. Considered the quintessential kitchen knife for general tasks, this knife is useful for making classic cuts such as julienne, dice and fine chop and can be used for fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. Once you are comfortable with a chef knife’s size and weight, it can be used for a wide variety of kitchen tasks from chopping delicate herbs to shredding a head of cabbage.


Most commonly known as a bread knife, the serrated slicer also works best for foods with a tender center, yet a firmer ‘crust’, such as a tomato or a ripe melon. The wavy blade allows controlled cuts that slice through the outer edge with ease and does not crush the interior. Be sure to reach for this knife to cut and serve delicate desserts with flaky pastry or meringue.


This Japanese style knife is perfect for slicing, dicing and mincing vegetables. Can be used as an alternative to the chef’s knife and is popular for those with small hands or anyone who finds a chef’s knife overly heavy. I love MAC knives for thinly slicing fish and for that dreaded task of chopping onions.


A very sharp, thin bladed knife used for trimming fat and carving meat off of bones. Usually 5-7 inches long, the blade may be flexible or rigid.

Choose the right type of knife – simple bites

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How to Maintain Your Chef Knife

chef knife
Here’s how to pick your number one, and how to choose one that will last a long time.

Length and shape

A knife with a 20-centimetre (eight-inch) blade is long enough to slice through a large roast or quickly chop up a large onion, yet handy enough to let you deftly mince garlic.

A good chef’s knife has a curved blade so you can chop and mince with a quick rocking motion.


The part of a blade that joins it to the handle is called the tang.

For strength and durability, look for a tang that goes completely through the handle and is attached with rivets through the side.

In most full-tang knives, the handle is in two pieces, one attached to each side of the tang.

The handle should be made of hardwood or good-quality plastic, and it should be smooth all around, with the rivets perfectly flush to the handle.


Get a blade made of high-carbon steel; it will stay sharp and be easy to clean. The best and most expensive models are forged.

These knives have a thicker area between the knife and handle called a bolster. This extra steel makes the knife more balanced and easier to use when chopping.

Knives can also be stamped from a sheet of high-carbon steel. This makes a fine knife, but stamping precludes a bolster.
The most important thing is that the knife you choose feels comfortable and balanced in your hand — you might even prefer a knife without a bolster.


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Tips from the Kitchn for Nonstick Cookware

Read tips in the Kitchn

non stick pans

When used and stored properly nonstick cookware is quite a handy tool in the kitchen. These pans are easy to use (especially for beginner cooks), and especially easy to clean. When used incorrectly, though, it’s also easy to damage and all out ruin nonstick pans.

From cooking to cleaning, here are five common mistakes with using nonstick cookware, plus our best tips on how to avoid them!

1. Cooking over high heat
Cooking over high heat should be avoided for a few reasons. First, the higher temperatures are bad for the nonstick coating on the cookware. Over time exposure to high heat will deteriorate the surface. Also, depending on the type of nonstick coating on your pan, cooking over high heat can lead to the release unhealthy, potentially toxic vapors.

Follow this tip: Cook over low and medium heat with nonstick cookware.

2. Using nonstick cooking spray
Using nonstick cooking spray on nonstick cookware is a big no-no. Here’s the problem with it — after a while your pan will get a sticky buildup of the spray that doesn’t burn off during cooking. This usually happens around the sides of the pan. Scrubbing this sticky film off takes some serious elbow grease and doesn’t happen very easy.

Follow this tip: Use whole fats, like oil or butter, instead of cooking spray.

3. Failing to season your pan
Just like cast iron, it’s helpful to preseason and re-season your nonstick cookware. Not only will this help your pan last longer, it will also improve the way food cooks in it.

Follow this tip: To preseason your pan, simply rinse and completely dry, then use a paper towel to rub about a teaspoon of oil (any type will do) around the inside of the pan. It’s also a good idea to re-season the pan by rubbing it will a small amount of oil each time before using it.

4. Using sharp or abrasive objects anywhere near your nonstick pan
This goes for both cooking and cleaning. Using sharp objects like, knives or metal spatulas to stir food or remove it from the pan, along with things like steel wool for cleaning, can scratch and damage the coating on the pan. Once the coating on nonstick pans starts to peel or gets pitted, it’s best to replace them.

Follow this tip: For cooking, stick with wooden spoons or silicone spatulas for stirring food. When it comes time to clean, use a soft dishrag or non-metallic sponge or brush.

5. Cleaning nonstick cookware in the dishwasher
True, many nonstick pans claim to be dishwasher safe, but the super hot water and harsh detergents aren’t good for the nonstick coating. Over time this will cause the pan’s coating to deteriorate much faster than washing by hand.

Follow this tip: Wash non-stick cookware by hand. It will help your pots and pans last a lot longer.

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Buying a Good Toaster

frenchtoast sticks

This morning I waked up and started my own ritual. When coffee was done I wanted to prepare some toasts with peanut butter. Suddenly my toaster after turning up emitted only a squeak and I saw smoke from his inside. “Great” – I thought and left the house. Day in work was nothing special and I was upset after unfortunate accident in my kitchen. I decided that after work I will go and buy a new one. A moment in traffic jam and I was in front of the biggest shopping center in my city. It was not my successful day because that “moment” took nearly 3 hours. At the enter was big sign that in shop with electronics is actually sale for toasters! “Sounds good for me” – I said quietly and went in the direction which was shown by the big arrow. In fact there were big choice of toasters in there. I saw one for 100$ and other for only 25$. Maximum amount that I had saved for unexpected expenses was only 30$. Great number of assortment made me confused and I decided to ask someone who made an impression that can help me. Unfortunately it was only the impression. The man in yellow t-shirt was completely incompetent. He did not even know parameters of any of toasters. Their phrase that there was the place with best toasters you can buy had no reflection in reality. I was forced to choose by myself. Firstly I took a look on price.

Number of toasters decreased rapidly. Power and speed was second important things for me. The choice had to be easy now. There was the only one which satisfied my requirements. I was very excited about my new kitchenware. After payment I went home and plug toaster into socket. A moment of uncertainty and… YES. It worked perfect. Finally, I could eat my peanut butter toasts from morning for my supper.

Drink Italian Coffee At Home


What is espresso? The majority answered me as ‘coffee’ but is Espresso and coffee the same? Let’s check it out! The heart of a coffee is its beans and that makes the first difference between the previously mentioned two. As compared to coffee bean, the espresso bean is a blend of various types of beans from multiple countries all over the world.

Apart from that, two major differences that define espresso are the fineness of the grind and its brewing time. This is made generally possible by the utilization of the mini espresso machine because such machines can reduce the brewing time by generating up to 15 atmospheric pressure to force the hot water go through the ground coffee. This will consequently produce a thick, dark liquid with a rich dark golden layer on top known as the crema.

Even reading about its fine brewing and thick crema on top makes me want to take a sip from a freshly made espresso just like the Italians. But, not everyone can prepare a good espresso unless with the sincere support from our very own mini espresso machine! Fine grinding would be a less hassle of work when you let the machine handle it. It would give you an awesome ground beans for your very own best espresso machine. For espresso lover who are looking for the best espresso makers 2015, find out this portable espresso machine.

The machine also contains a tool which helps to tightly pack the ground beans in the filter basket. But be aware, over doing the packing might result in over-extracted espresso or if you fail to do it in the right concentration, you might end up getting a taste of an under-extracted espresso. Either way, it would not be satisfactory. So, it all starts with a good, adequate packing of ground beans in the filter basket.

When you are happy with the ground beans in the filter basket, then you are nearing your final step to taste your very own espresso! Attach the filter basket to the brewer.

As mentioned earlier in the article, an adequate amount of pressure is generated by the machine once the filter is fixed. The hot water is then forced through the tightly packed ground beans. The extracted liquid should not be flowing too slow as it is an indication of overly packed beans.

In contrast, it should not be flowing very fast because then the beans are indicative of loosely packed. This type of brewing would result in a light colored espresso. The best brewing would take about 25 to 30 seconds when you use the recommended pump driven espresso machine. Lever operated espresso machine might not produce the same desirable result.

Finally, the best indication for a perfectly brewed espresso would be the rich, dark golden layer or crema on top of your espresso. The presence of this layer shows that you have made a perfect brew of espresso. If you succeeded up to this level, then what are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your loved ones with your very own aromatic, hot espresso specially made available at home! Thanks to your buddy, the mini espresso machine!

Where I Found My Favorite Kitchen Knife I lost


We’ve all had or have a favorite item throughout our lives that we sincerely cherish. Man, some people would go mad or probably even psycho trying to find whatever valuable thing they have if they dare lost it. Sadly I’ve been there as the dread engulfed me when I lost my favorite kitchen knife for cooking heavenly dishes to dine on.

Hey, that may sound a bit weird or odd to a few but we all got little quirks and hobbies that define us. Some people like games and books, I happen to enjoy cookware and trinkets. But let me say first of all, this wasn’t any normal cooking knife…oh no, this was a limited edition blade from Taiwan. A smooth yellowish wooden-handled cutting knife so sharp it could cut through any beef or chicken that stood in my way! I’m just saying t his food business is no joke.

Actually a lot of chefs and cooking aficionados wonder how to choose the top kitchen knives, well I think I got the secret. That’s right the almighty secret, not just how to choose but how to spot, what’s been hidden to everybody for generations is something I will reveal for the first-time ever! I firmly believe it’s all in the design and function of the handle because your grip is key. If you’re going to figure out how to choose the top kitchen knives then paying attention to little details such as that can save your life…or at least your food.

So I was stressed out for a full week, almost went insane, in a sleepless attempt to save my appetite looking for my lost knife. I remember bringing it back from a camping trip I took to Lytle Creek where I cooked some delicious ribs, then I left it around my kitchen when I returned. Everything else in head was blank so I had to scrounge around my house for a while but I found it!

Ok, I know you’re like it was in the kitchen but nope it was surprisingly in my living room inside my camping backpack that was filled with leftover food that had went horribly rotten! My rare blade was discovered inside some disgusting grease and slightly maggot smothered meat. Worst part, my handle was soaked in this nasty juice that tinted the wooden-handle reddish-brown. Safe to say that’s the last time I’m bringing my trusty cooking knife on the road while trying to show a friend a way to choose the top kitchen knives;you can’t win every time.

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Do You Know that There are Things to Avoid Before Buying An Air Mattress


I am not a kind of a person who happens to be a camping-addict. But, I rarely reject any offer from some relatives or best friends, if they are about to ask me and my kids to spend a night or two at outdoor areas. For me camping is fine, though it may cause some hassles to prepare for the cooking and things to bring. This is why, I never hesitate to buy a cheap, yet good air mattress for camping, like what I have.

As an above-forty mum, I cannot have a quality sleep if my mattress cannot offer a comfortable feeling, especially if I have to spend a night at other places, instead of my own cozy bedroom. My camping mattress is not really for camping, though. I can use it any time with the battery-operated pump, even if I have to stay in a hotel. I used to let my kids to sleep on the main bed, while I could enjoy this deluxe mattress.

I am lucky to have this camping air mattress, because it was so affordable. While its real price is already reasonable, I bought it at wholesale clearance in one of those reputable online stores. I was attracted with air mattress reviews, in which this mattress can be adjusted, based on the firmness level. I once tried it on my emergency camping, and it was so good. It has 5-inch height above the bottom, so I barely didn’t feel damp, nor cold.

Let me suggest you one thing. If you are about to buy an air mattress, then you should better choose the one with thermoplastic polyurethane, instead of PVC. Well, PVC is good, though it stretches easily. I once had this kind of air mattress, but I could not sleep well because of my kid’s active movement throughout his sleeping time. The best thing about thermoplastic polyurethane-based air mattress is its easy-to-fold feature, so it fits well to be taken anywhere.

Masticating juicers helping with sleep and energy? Unbelievable, but true!

Making juice every morning is a real exciting and fun process for me! I know, like everyone else in my family, that drinking a glass of juice with breakfast is a superbly detoxifying process that compares with nothing else in the world! It also helps with diet since with a stomach filled with juice, you would tend to eat less! And the best thing is that nothing gets healthier than a glass of fresh juice every morning! It holds the ingredients that have great nutritional value and give your body all the energy it needs to run through the day. And when we are talking on holding the nutritional value of the ingredients without compromising on flavor or vitamins, masticating juicers do that work the best! Our old juicer was a centrifugal model. That was relevant until a few years ago when all of us were rushed for time. Now that the children had left for college, it was time me and my husband started taking things easy and try and get the best out of everything. One day we decided to get rid of the old one and buy a masticating juicer in its place.

We got a good model after looking at some reviews online. We have been using it every morning since. The augers that grind veggies or fruits does the job extremely well. They literally chew the food and make it into a fine pulp. With that process, it also extracts the last bit of juice from the pulp until it goes absolutely dry. One thing though! We have come to accept this juicer as much slower, but then who’s bothered? We have all the time in the world, and simply want to cherish everything in life, just like the fruit juice that comes from our masticating juicer here!

Some great features of our masticating juicer? It leaves a very small footprint on our kitchen countertop! It has a vertical design and that helps it in doing so. The horizontal juicers understandably occupy more space. But that is as far as its design goes. The juicer goes at real slow speed, and can extract juice out of even the lowest liquid-containing food. For example, I have tried juicing dry fruits and vegetables that are primarily leaf-based, and it simply extracts the last drop out of them. The yield is always great, even when we juice apples, wheatgrass, carrots or berries! There is also a protection for overload in case the motor becomes too hot. The machine trips and can only be restarted by pressing a reset button when that happens.

After getting this juicer, our entire perception about masticating juicers have totally changed. We believe that we are more energetic these days, our digestion has improved, and we sleep much better at night! I guess it has something to do with drinking all the nutrients packed with vitamins and other healthy ingredients that are extracted to the last drop with these excellent juicers!

Starch flows out from my small rice cooker

I know I made a blunder. I thought since it is only the two of us, I don’t need a larger rice cooker. I packed the bigger one neatly and made my son place it up on the loft just last week. Since then, I am regretting having purchased this small rice cooker, and thinking about how to bring down my old faithful. My previous rice cooker was essentially for the entire family, and it has many of the modern features as well. I bought it about few years ago after I read through rice cooker reviews online. I had another one before that, which was not as sophisticated, but it served the purpose for our growing family. But now my younger son has moved out to another part of the town, because it is difficult for him to be traveling up and down, and my daughter too has moved to another city. That leaves only me and my husband. My husband is not supposed to take much rice since he is diabetic. This is the reason I wanted a smaller one.


As things stand, this small rice cooker is not enough for both of us, or may be I eat more than I am supposed to. I use water exactly as instructed but I find it coming out from the rice cooker. That starchy water makes my kitchen counter top and the appliance look messy. I am disappointed with this purchase. Of late, I have taken to cooking rice in the normal pressure cooker, and I use the pot in this appliance to store the rice, since I have only one pressure cooker, which I use to cook curries as well. I am mentioning this so that all those who are downsizing their requirements can learn from my experience, and opt for slightly larger rice cooker than the one advertised for 1 cup rice. Or may be I chose the wrong brand, perhaps.

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My kitchen: The Bakery

There are several things that money can’t buy: happiness, love, a good night sleep… and, of course, homemade food! Sometimes we forget how much joy the smell of food in our home can bring, and, that being said, I wanna tell you how the sudden desire of eaten bread one day, transformed my kitchen into a bakery, and you will see that your kitchen can be a bakery as well.


Cooking is not hard, and, with today’s technologies, it’s even easy! When I said I transformed my kitchen into a bakery, it didn’t mean that I spent my entire day covered in flour or reading recipes, in fact, I spent most of the time on the internet searching for the best bread machine reviews, (pretty easy, uh?) and deciding witch one would fit best for me – and for my pocket as well. I’m gonna show you the ones that I felt in love with, and, who knows, maybe you buy one and remember me one day! I’m not gonna tell you witch one was my personal choice (that’s my little secret), you will have to decide witch one is your personal choice. In my top five are: Zojirushi, Panasonic, Cuisinart, Sunbeam and Oster. To chose mine, I considered price, size, easiness to clean (who likes to clean?) and my level of experience in making bread. I know I’m not a “bread expert”, so, it would be pointless to buy a bread maker that I don’t know how to use.

If you are looking to buy one, search about the details, reviews, bad and good points… and eventually you will find a good bread maker. The result after my purchase is in front of me right now! No flour, no mess, no problem. Just this smell of bread in my brand new bakery kitchen, and, of course, this delicious result in my plate!